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Creating safe spaces for you to heal & grow
Tara Klassen, founder of Tara Yoga & Wellness

Born in Canada, Tara has lived all over the world, assimilated into a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages, all the while gathering a vibrant collection of life experiences that she brings to her work as a yoga teacher, nurse, reiki healer, guided meditation facilitator, EFT therapist, actress and singer.

Registered Yoga Teacher
Registered Prenatal & Postnatal teacher

Tara Yoga guides you towards optimal mind body health through asanas, pranayama, mindfulness and chakra balancing, offered in group, private or corporate sessions, either in person or online.

I integrate my experience as a trauma, ICU and maternity nurse and Reiki healer to meet people wherever they are in the present moment, and guide them towards their optimal health. I do this by designing yoga flows based on the individual health issues and concerns of each individual.

Tara Klassen, Yoga Teacher
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