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Therapeutic Yoga


75 minutes


Together we will devise yoga flows to meet your individual goals, be it building strength, flexibility, mindfulness in movement, overcoming depression, anxiety or any other issue.

Using my extensive nursing experience, I will design yoga flows suitable to your health issues, needs and goals. In order to provide you the best possible support, you will need to fill out a health intake form which we will discuss during the first session in order to devise a plan that is tailored to you.


Having enjoyed a classical training as an Ashtanga teacher, Tania uses the principles of Ashtanga yoga to teach and guide her students. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, she will attune those principles to your personal needs and yoga practice. Yoga can then become your tool for a more balanced existence by giving you more freedom of movement in body and mind and achieve more health for both.

Your needs can be discussed before your first lesson in a free consultation to establish a starting point and possible future development.

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