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Restorative Yoga

25 €

60 minutes

Restorative (Yin) Yoga is a deep and meditative practice that enhances your awareness and teaches you to relax profoundly. It stimulates the vital energy (Chi or prana) that flows through the fascia in meridian pathways. Restorative yoga targets the deeper tissues (fascia) below the muscles, which you will strenghten and stretch during a normal yoga class. These deep tissues normally only soften during deeply relaxed states like sleep. We encourage our fascia, though gentle poses and active relaxation and breathwork, to soften and open. This will facilitate healing in the tissues.

Through poses held for minutes at a time whilst practicing mindfulness and pranayama, we nurture, balance and heal ourselves, body, mind and emotions. You may find different emotions and sensations coming up for you during our practice. This is normal, and I encourage you to allow and accept whatever comes up for you during class, approaching yourself from an attitude of love and kindness. I will guide you into the best alignment for each pose, so I will be moving around the class and giving physical as well as verbal cues thoughout the session.

As this practice is not physically active, please bring a sweater and warm socks along to stay warm. You are also welcome to bring along your own bolster and any other props along.

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