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Tara Yoga - optimising mind body health

Tara Yoga guides individuals and groups through asanas, mindfulness and chakra work to grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually through yoga. She integrates her experience as a trauma, ICU and maternity nurse and Reiki healer to meet people wherever they are in the present moment, and guide them towards their optimal health, based on the health issues and concerns of each individual (for private sessions).

I graduated from School Yoga Institute with my 200h YTT certificate, and have been teaching classes online via Zoom. I simply love nurturing people towards better health through yoga. My own life and health has been enriched by the 28 years of yoga that I have practiced in the many countries around the world that I have lived. Yoga has carried me through various chronic health conditions and injuries towards my own optimal health. Many wonderful yoga teachers around the world have guided me forward and welcomed me into their communities, imparting a sense of belonging in every part of this earth that I have called home.

If you are interested in joining a class or having private lessons, contact me either through this website or by email. I am happy to explain further about the restorative and mystical yoga classes that I lead. Contact me, and together we will find the optimal program for you!

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