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Self Love Retreat

I had the pleasure of leading a yoga session as part of Madi's Self Love Retreat this weekend in beautiful Hofgut Imsbach.

The setting is idyllic, away from it all and in the middle of fabulous walking and cycling trails through forest and along a beautiful stream that ran past my room. As a single mom in a foreign country, it was a rare luxury to get a kid free night, and I enjoyed it to its fullness surrounded by beautiful amazing women who all started off as strangers but quickly grew together as a cohesive, loving and supportive group💜

Madi's contagious positive energy and warm smile light up the room wherever she goes, and it was with this spirit and energy that she created and developed this lovely getaway.

It is always a joy to share my love of yoga with people who may never have tried it before, which was the case for some of the participants. In spite of some reservations, they showed up, opened up and dived right in, which was absolutely beautiful to be part of and lead.

Thank you Madi, and thanks to all you fabulous women who made this little getaway of mine so special with each of your open hearts and beautiful smiles 🦋

The last photo is of the gorgeous sunset that I got to watch as I drove back to my boys. I was listening to a podcast where author Jason Reynolds was being interviewed, and one statement he made stood out for me, both as something I strive towards personally and something that became a clear objective for each participant of Madi's Self Love Retreat:

'Sprint towards compassion, crawl towards judgement.'

Namaste 🙏🏼

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