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Perspective is everything

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I am so blessed to teach yoga to amazingly kind and loving humans, people I look forward to seeing at each class. Teaching yoga has become my lifeline in a busy and complicated life. Watching people release their stress, open their hearts, minds and bodies, grow stronger and more confident fills me with joy.

Today I finally got brave enough to share one of my latest poems during savasana. As I read it aloud, I realised that it was time to share it here. This poem, written last summer, marked a shift in my poetry reflecting the growing sense of hope that is starting to bloom within me.

All the yoga, meditation, and personal work on opening up to face all of the pain within me has moved me into a much stronger place populated with joyful moments with a baseline of contentment and gratitude. The choice to quit smoking and drinking and face my demons head on was not easy, but it has borne much fruit. I am learning how to honour my body and my limitations. I am learning to say no when I can't and no longer feel bad about it. I am quicker to lean into the pain and suffering when it comes my way, ready to face the challenges, because I know that each situation is an opportunity for growth. As I open up to receive love and release pain, the universe responds by pouring its blessings on me and my family.

I fell over last Friday evening as I bent over to check the food in the oven. My body just decided to stop. I listened to by body and rested. Thankfully, it was just some swelling in the area of my herniated discs and it is healing well, no major damage. Then on Monday Charlie tested positive for Covid. I was faced with a choice. Let it get me down, or shift gears and be grateful for the week that he and I can spend together. He's fine, just bored and full of energy. We are enjoying this extra 'holiday' together 🦋

Even adjusting how I teach yoga in order to protect my back has offered a new blessing. I appoint someone as the model for each class and am able to move around, masked, to assist people in their alignment. I always have taught from the mat, something that I really love to do, but having to shift to non-physical teaching has allowed me to connect more with each student.

Perspective is everything 🦋

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