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I have been blessed with many amazing friends throughout this journey of mine. Though I have always liked my own company just fine, I, like most humans, crave meaningful human connection. Sometimes it seems elusive, but the funny thing is, when you let go of this need, when you surrender to the universe and trust in its ability to give you what you need, that which you have searched for usually appears effortlessly in front of you.

After an Acroyoga session with fellow yogi and friend Tania in June, I was inspired to express how our friendship had coaxed my broken heart to open once again to the possibility of connection.

Friendship is

an open heart, an open door

even on the bad days.

holding space for each other

supporting each other

trusting her enough to surrender

knowing that she's got your back

and she won't let go.

Namaste 🦋

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