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Corporeal - a memory of struggles past

A not so new poem of mine came back to me today after a very nurturing yoga session with a dear friend. It is so interesting to look back on my journey through various trials, which have been chronicled in my poetry and journals.

I no longer feel disconnected, but I was there for a long time. As I tap back into the Reiki healing energy, I open up to the flow of universal love and light to pass through me to others, nurturing myself as I offer healing to others. It is an incredible joy to share, especially having come through some very dark times.

I know that many of you also have gone, are going through or will go through dark times where, as life deals you its blows, twists and turns, we can experience feelings of abandonment, rejection, or disconnection.

Take comfort from the knowledge that this too shall pass.


© Tara Klassen 2020

This altar

laid bare

offering its best

everything corporal

while the fire dies

the spirit floats away

its essence tossed by a breeze.

Take it.

I don’t need it anymore

in this post-human world

I find myself in.

Take my tears as your treasure.

Drown in them.

I was only there for your pleasure.

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