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This past weekend I had the pleasure of completing a Mystical mama yoga teacher course. As an add-on to the 200h certificate I have for teaching vinyasa and hatha flow yoga, I now can teach post natal yoga, and I am so excited about this! I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancies and afterwards, and I recall how great it felt to slowly get my body 'back' after carrying my precious cargo. The work also inspired a poem, as I reflected on my own first experience of becoming a mother.


© Tara Klassen, June 2020

I opened up

his soul found me

I expanded, nurtured, loved, dreamed



He lays in my arms

At my breast

The most beautiful, perfect human

In the universe.

There has never been another

baby like mine,

I am sure of this.

This love

Spills out of my heart,

Flows through my body and mind,

flooding my senses,

knocking me off my feet.

To think,

I thought I knew

what love was


I had no idea.

My universe expands and shifts

Turning me upside down

Making me dizzy…

My perception is forever altered

By the arrival of this tiny angel

The world will just have to

Manage without me

For a little while.

I am busy

Holding my new universe in my arms.

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