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Returning home - Yoga Balance

When I moved to Luxembourg 10 years ago, I set about finding a yoga community to become part of. Having practiced yoga already for nearly 2 decades all over the world, I knew how important a yoga community would be for me. I needed to find my 'people', to feel like I was a part of this tiny Duchy that I now call home.

When I found Yoga Balance, there were only 3 yoga studios in Luxembourg, and Jen was just starting out in her career as yoga teacher. From my first class, I knew I had found my yoga home. Her infectious smile and positivity, her warmth and dedication to her students, and her ability to create safe spaces for people to explore and grow drew me to her classes. Her attention to detail, her fierce determination and unwavering dedication to running her business in a morally and ethically consistent and fair way is something I admire.

Fast-forward 10 years, one pandemic later, and my own career shift to yoga, and I have come full circle. Jen's teaching shaped my yoga practice, and after years of dreaming about it, I jumped in and became a teacher myself. Now with a year of teaching under my belt, and Jen starting to re-build her classes after COVID, I was offered the chance to come back home, this time as a teacher. I am blessed and grateful to share my passion for creating safe spaces for people to grow in strength, flexibility, and to reach their optimal health in the now three locations at Yoga Balance 🦋

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