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Yoga & meditation

A peaceful winter retreat in a beautiful chateau in North Germany

Take the time and space to reconnect and find balance within. 

What's included:
  • spacious private or semi private bedrooms with ensuite bathroom & tub and/or shower
  • ​6 nights, 7 days accommodation
  • 2 yoga/meditation classes per day
  • full brunch and dinner, with drinks and snacks available throughout the day
  • sheets, towels, and basic yoga mats
What's not included:
  • Transportation
  • Additional treatments - energy/chakra healings 
  • Toiletries




Morning Yoga practice

Introducing the Yama / Niyama of the day, integrated into morning meditation






Free time to reflect, walk, write, book a treatment or a session in the sauna, sleep, have a snack or a cuppa



Thought exchange



Evening yoga and meditation






observing silence in public spaces, option to practice vipassana, be aware to respect other’s need for silence

Meet the team

This retreat offers you the opportunity to step away from your busy life, take time for yourself and experience practicing yoga and basic meditation on a daily basis. It is suitable for all levels and offers you the chance to deepen your experience and knowledge of yoga, taking into account your individual needs and abilities.


The retreat will begin at 5pm on Sunday, February 27 with a short introduction followed by yoga with Tara and then a relaxing dinner together.


Each morning, Tania will introduce a yogic principle, working our way through the Yamas and Niyamas, which will be the theme and focus for reflection for that day. The Yamas and Niyamas are yogic ethical guidelines for approaching life, yourself and others in a more mindful, present and aware way.

All meals are prepared with love by our chef Yoram, who specializes in cooking according to the five elements of Chinese medicine. Click here to find out more.

Each evening, Tara & Tania will be available for a thought exchange, followed by a Yin, restorative or chakra yoga session with meditation led by Tara.

Our final day will include yoga, meditation and brunch before departure.

Luxury suite.webp

Luxury Suite

1500€ single or double occupancy

Bedroom 4.webp

Room 4

1200€ single occupancy

1400€ couple

Bedroom 6.webp

Room 6

1200€ single occupancy

1400€ couple

Bedroom 8.webp

Room 8

1100€ single occupancy

800€ per person shared

Bedroom 3.webp

Room 3

1100€ single occupancy

800€ per person shared

Bedroom 5.webp

Room 5

1200€ single occupancy

1400€ couple

Bedroom 7.webp

Room 7

1100€ single occupancy

800€ per person shared


All meals provided

Luxurious brunch and evening meal with snacks and drinks available throughout the day.

About your stay at Gutshaus Gnevkow

  • Bed linens and towels are supplied for each room.

  • There is no daily maid service. Each person is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their private spaces

  • Karma yoga is welcome in the form of cleaning public spaces and assisting with meal cleanup

  • You will have the opportunity to book energy healing sessions

  • Extra treatment bookings can be made directly on site

Health and Safety

  • All attendees are required to provide one of the following: EU official vaccination certificate, a recent recovery certificate or a negative PCR test less than 72 hours prior to arrival.

  • If you develop symptoms of a flu, we will provide you with a rapid test to check for COVID-19. 

Payment options

  • Your room choice is guaranteed when the full payment has been received.

  • You can opt to pay a 250€ initial payment to hold a spot for up to 30 days, or maximum 14 days before the retreat begins.

  • If you are not able to pay the full fee up front, please contact us to set up a payment plan. 

  • Bookings are non-refundable, except in cases of force major such as isolation orders or a travel ban in Germany.

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