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90 €

1 hour

Reiki MASTER I have been practicing Reiki since 2011, and became a Reiki Master in 2021.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH I began employing therapeutic touch in 1995, to complement my work as a nurse.

I utilise my extensive background in various nursing specialties to guide the work that I do as an energy healer. Channeling universal energy, I facilitate the balance and flow of energy within and around the body. This energy is known in Chinese medicine as chi, and in yogic tradition as prana. Each session is different, as I will respond to what your mind-body expresses. I often work with visualisations and mantra (connecting vocally to your chakras) to help connect you to the different energy centres of the body.

The person receiving the healing will rest in either a seated or laying position. You may feel warmth or energy in the area where the healing is taking place, though some people do not feel a thing. The work is energetic, and often takes some time to come to full effect. The most important thing for the recipient to do is relax and remain open to receive the healing.

Research on the efficacy and benefits of Reiki:

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