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5 continent massage

120 €

90 minutes

Massage of 5 continents

A massage technique taking styles from 5 continents - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage, Chinese Tuina (acupressure) Ayurvedic, along with Reiki energy work to heal the body, mind and spirit.

I will work on your meridians and chakra energy points to remove blockages and initiate self-healing, employing a very powerful, slow and deep whole body massage, which allows the vital energy to circulate directly inside the person's body. I use specially prepared essential oils specific to the various treatments throughout the massage first to detox, then relax, followed by revitalisation, connection and stimulation of the immune system.

About Sandra

After moving through years of challenges and health disorders, I went to Thailand where I found my true self and went through deep shift in mind and soul. Being a Soul-walk Facilitator, MBSR coach , Feng Shui consultant, energy worker/ spiritual massage therapist and yoga teacher, I felt my “soul call” of supporting people on their journey with meditation, self-inquiry , inner walk and a special massage technique to find a more happier and meaningful life.

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