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Gnevkow winter yoga & meditation retreat

I am already dreaming of relaxing in a comfy chair by a cozy fire, listening to the quiet of the countryside, enjoying the luxurious, spacious chateau in Gnevkow that I am lucky enough to host my upcoming yoga retreat at.

About 10 years ago I visited Gutshaus Gnevkow for the first time with my visionary friend David. The place looked like it had been abandoned years ago and left to slowly fall apart, but the bones of this magnificent chateau were solid and David had a vision for the place that I quickly got excited about. This part of Germany reminds me of my home province of Manitoba - the wide open spaces, not the many chateaus and ancient structures dotted around the place 😅

Some 8 years later (and undoubtedly many €€€ and £££ later!) my dear friend presented the fruits of his labour to the world, and the results have been spectacular.

My dear friend and fellow yogi Tania Vermeulen and I will host our first retreat at Gutshaus Gnevkow on Feb 26-March 5, offering a sanctuary to those ready for some peace and connection through guided yoga & meditation in a luxurious setting. I invite you to have a look at what we have to offer, choose the room you want and join us 🦋

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